Submetering FAQ

Smart Utility Management for Multi-Residential Properties

Smart utility management system for multi-residential properties

Submetering provides individual meters that precisely measure utility consumption for each unit, so that each condo owner or tenant pays for what they consume. Otherwise, a typical multi-residential condominium or apartment complex has one bulk meter and the building’s owner, property manager or condo committee is responsible for all utilities consumption. Utility costs are then divided between individual unit holders through condominium fees or rents. This can result in unfair allocation of costs, where those who consume less energy and water are subsidizing those who use more. Submetering allows for fair, user-pay billing, providing an incentive for everyone to save water and energy.

Implementing a submetering system creates a fair, user-pay system and empowers individuals with data that allows them to make informed decisions about utility use. User-pay systems encourage people to change their energy-using habits and can generate overall utility savings of up to 25 per cent.

Submetering lowers building operating costs and increases property values. Utilities can eat up 70 per cent of a condominium’s annual budget and utility costs are rising by eight per cent a year. Clean Cut Energy’s smart utility management systems provides fair, user-pay billing that reduces overall consumption. Plus, 24/7 monitoring detects leaks and equipment failures — and can differentiate between faulty infrastructure and high consumption — before such issues become expensive surprises.

By taking utilities out of the monthly fees equation, building owners can protect themselves against rising utility costs and pass along the savings through lower fees, and buildings with lower condo fees sell faster while fetching higher prices.

For Developers, submetering can increases the saleable square footage ratio of your building by eliminating the need for large utility rooms and dedicated utility runs.

Clean Cut Energy develops custom smart utility management solutions for electricity, natural gas, thermal energy (or BTU meters), and water. Our proprietary WATERfactor system provides municipalities with wireless water meter reading and billing systems that reduce costs, promote conservation and deliver excellent customer service.

A smart meter is an electronic device that records how much energy and water is used and when, providing detailed consumption data that is transmitted automatically to the utility company (rather than being read manually). Residents/owners can access their data online to help them manage their utility usage.

Clean Cut Energy engineers have the knowledge and experience to recommend and source the very best equipment on the market to build custom solutions that suit your unique needs. Our proprietary WATERfactor system is a wireless water meter reading, billing and management system for municipalities. It’s a cloud-based system that’s designed to work with all major brands of water meters.

Our submetering systems for multi-residential complexes can be installed with zero upfront capital outlay. Municipalities can expect to see a five-year payback on their investment, compared to 15 year+ for a comparable AMR / AMI infrastructure investment.

Probably — while it’s easier to work with developers during the design and construction phases of a project, older buildings can retrofitted with new technology. Our team has the expertise to work with you to overcome the additional complexities of submetering older buildings and replacing or updating old infrastructure. Our new WATERfactor wireless water submetering system has made retrofitting water submetering into existing buildings cheaper and more cost effective than it has ever been before.