Smart Utility Management for Multi-residential Properties

Smart utility management system for multi-residential properties

Finally, a utility management system built for condo owners

Smart utility management that puts you in control

"The customer service that your company provides is really helpful. Clean Cut Energy personnel responded to emails in a timely manner. They helped us solve problems quickly. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service."

– Iris, Utility User
"As a new client, it is very reassuring to know that I can contact such a friendly and knowledgeable staff with little or no wait time. This prompt and efficient service means a lot to me. It’s a pleasure to deal with Clean Cut Energy."

Up to 25 Percent Savings in UtilitiesCondominiums and apartment buildings typically receive one bill for the entire complex. Property managers then bill each condo holder an averaged utility cost. If your neighbour uses more water or energy than you do, you end up paying for their utilities.

Clean Cut Energy wants to change that.

Our smart submetering solutions put you in control of your utility bills. Individually metered utilities empower customers with comprehensive data to help them monitor, manage and pay for their own utility usage. You’re billed for what you consume, period.

Precision monitoring and removing the averaged utility cost from your condo fees and/or rent can mean substantial savings!

Additionally, we’ll work with your property managers to recommend improvements that generate major cost savings on the common area utilities. This can result in further savings on your condo fees and/or rent.

Benefits For Condo Owners

Clean Cut Energy systems puts the power of choice in the hands of condominium owners and rental tenants, offering key benefits including:

Gain control over your utility bill

Information is power, and our systems give you the data you need to make smart choices that save money and conserve resources.

Monitor, manage and pay for your own utility usage

User-friendly web-enabled reporting provides real-time monitoring for increased efficiency and cost savings.

Utility fairness

Transparent user-pay billing ensures that you understand your energy usage and pay only for what you use.

Expert advice

We’ll work with you to recommend energy- and cost-saving retrofits.

Pay bills online

User-friendly interface also provides the easiest and fastest way to pay your utility bills.

Meter accuracy

Our top-of-the-line equipment outlasts and maintains accuracy longer than other smart utility monitoring systems on the market.

Utility savings up to 25%

Monitoring and changing your habits can generate significant savings — good for your pocketbook and the environment.

Save on condo fees

Taking utility prices out of the condo fees equation rewards those who conserve energy. Early detection of leaks and equipment failures.

Vigilant monitoring

Early warning systems detect problems before damage is done and differentiate between leaks or equipment failures and high consumption by individual occupants.

We believe utility savings should be as easy to access as flicking off a light switch.