Smart Utility Management for Multi-residential Properties

Smart utility management system for multi-residential properties

Maintain profitability through fair utility billing

Clean Cut Energy helps multi-residential property owners protect their net operating income (NOI) from the rising cost of utilities.

Our utility management solutions for condominium and apartment complexes provide individual metering, 24/7 monitoring and fair, user-pay billing to ensure that everyone pays for the utilities they consume.

Protect your profit margins by taking utilities out of the equation.

If you’re a building owner, the “utilities included” model puts you at the mercy of rising utility prices and tenants’ usage patterns.

Tenants whose utilities are included in their rent tend to use far more water and energy than those who are billed for what they use. Utility rates are rising well above the inflation rate. Plus, in jurisdictions such as Ontario, legislation dictates that annual rent increases for existing tenants can be no higher than the rate of inflation — making it all but impossible for building owners to adjust rents fast enough to keep up. As a result, profit margins erode over time.

Clean Cut Energy’s smart submetering solutions will protect your bottom line and help the environment by conserving water and energy. We monitor utility use for each unit and watch for leaks and other equipment failures. Our affordable, reliable and easy-to-use systems will make an immediate impact on your NOI and boost the value of your property.

We believe utility savings should be as easy to access as flicking off a light switch.