Join the data-driven utility revolution

New technology is transforming our ability to manage and reduce energy and water use. Clean Cut Energy is on the leading edge of that revolution — providing proven smart utility metering and management solutions that are simple, innovative and empowering.

We combine the best metering technologies with easy-to-use web software that puts utility data at your fingertips. Our complete systems reduce water and energy use through fair, accurate, transparent billing, optimal system performance, and superior customer service.

Smart utility management system - submetering solutions for Condo Complexes
Smart utility management systems for Municipalities

Submetering and Wireless Solutions

Smart Utility Management - WATERfactor

Smart utility management ensures everyone pays their fair share for water and energy.

Clean Cut Energy designs submetering solutions for multi-residential properties to meter each unit for water, electricity, natural gas and thermal energy. Our customers save 20-25% on their utility costs. Find out how.

Our proprietary WATERfactor system provides municipalities with efficient wireless water meter reading and billing systems that reduce costs, promote conservation and deliver excellent customer service.

Mike Kazmaier



I believe that access to utility data is a critical tool in creating a new mindset towards energy and water use. Too often, we take for granted the electricity that lights up the dark, the heat that warms our homes, and the clean, safe water we need every day. Clean Cut Energy helps people use these precious resources wisely and cost-effectively by providing smart utility management systems that deliver transparent, easy-to-understand utility data. When you save energy and water, you save money and protect the environment too. It’s that simple.