Smart Utility Management for Multi-residential Properties

Smart utility management system for multi-residential properties

Finally, a utility management system built for property managers

Lower costs, fair billing for residents

Water submetering with Clean Cut Energy resulted in actual savings of over 50% after implementation.
– Dave Wilson, Senior Property Manager, Guelph, ON

Utilities can cost up to 70% of a condominium’s annual operating budget, with water often accounting for 20% of that total. With utility costs rising by 8% annually in recent years, understanding how utility use is distributed inside your building is key to saving money.

Clean Cut Energy’s utility management solutions for condominium and apartment complexes conserve water and energy. We monitor utility use for each unit and watch for leaks and other equipment failures, so you’ll know whether it’s a water leak or high usage that’s driving up your utility bills.

And fair user-pay billing ensures everyone pays their fair share.

Our customers routinely save 20-25% on utilities while residents pay only for what they consume. Our team of engineers will also work with you to make recommendations for energy- and cost-saving retrofits, and equipment failure alerts that prevent building damage and nasty utility bill surprises.

Clean Cut Energy systems provide numerous benefits to property managers, including:

Lower condo fees for faster unit sales at higher prices

Submetering lowers condo fees (by billing individual unit holders for their usage), so units sell faster – and for more. A $20,000 decrease in condo fees can result in a $400,000 increase in building value (5% cap rate).

Utility savings

Timely, accurate data and user-pay billing helps residents reduce energy and water use by 20-25%.

Convenient, easy-to-understand billing

Our user-friendly billing takes the mystery out of utility charges, and our online web interface makes it easy to get the information you need whenever you want.

Customer-centric service

Regular reporting and proactive recommendations to building owners and/or condo boards helps continuously improve energy management for even more savings. Equipment failure alerts prevent building damage and big utility bill surprises.

Zero capital investment

Submetering systems can be installed with zero upfront capital outlay.

Access to government incentives

We can provide advice about government grants and incentive programs, where available, to help implement energy efficient upgrades.

Lifetime warranty

Equipment warranty and repair extends for the length of the contract.

Reduced risk

No large service cancellation fees (equipment and transfer costs only). We use outside financing for larger projects and can include bonding insurance with high value projects. We are licensed by the Ontario Energy Board and certified by Measurement Canada.

Net metering capabilities

Do you generate your own renewable electricity (wind, solar)? We’ll provide net metering to help you sell it back to the grid to earn additional revenue and defray utility expenses.

Check out our case studies and learn how Clean Cut Energy is transforming utilities management for property managers.

We believe utility savings should be as easy to access as flicking off a light switch.